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5 Must Know Law of Attraction Tips for Creative Entrepreneurs

5 Must Know  Law of Attraction Tips for Creative Entrepreneurs

Inspired by Abraham Hicks, written by Tharyn Taylor.

Tip #1 - More action does NOT equal more results

Contrary to popular hustle-culture belief, more action does not always equal more results.

Many Law of Attraction beginners mistakenly take this to mean, that if I just think about it, then it will happen without them lifting a finger. Of course, this is not accurate either.

What IS super important, is vibrational alignment with your Inner Being. Your Inner Being is already FULL of the best ideas because it is connected to Infinite Intelligence. When you have one of these inspired ideas, you will begin taking the best action.

Abraham expresses this very clearly in the quote below.

"More ALIGNMENT equals more ACTION, which equals EXPONENTIAL results. It’s what people call inspired action."
– Abraham Hicks

Tip #2 - What To Do When You Are Stuck

Being and feeling stuck just sucks! I've been there myself. I have a few ideas and steps for when you're stuck and don't know what to do.

Accept Where You Are -  You are stuck right now and it's okay to not be productive in this moment. The most productive thing to do is reach for relief and more alignment. Relief is the feeling of a slightly improved emotion.

Change Scene - Get up and get out of your normal spaces. Go for a stroll, a walk, a hike, a run, or some other movement. Abraham cannot stress enough how much the body enjoys movement and activity.

Meditate - Only sit if you are feeling more neutral on the emotional scale. Then practice meditation as Abraham suggests, by focusing on a sound like the A/C, a fan, or your breath. Calm the mind a little bit and focus your attention on your body. Your goal is not to become "unstuck" but instead to feel relief and feel better. (An impulse might arise too. If it feels exciting, go for it!)

Tip #3 - When you have too many ideas & don't know where to start

As a business owner, there are literally hundreds of tasks, ideas, and shiny objects pulling your attention. It's easy to get overwhelmed and frustrated. Here's a process that Abraham offered about how to easily get started in the right direction.

  1. Jot down a bunch of ideas, goals, or things you could do. This could be your to-do list or your creativity list.
  2. On a scale of 1 to 10, you can score them for "fun."
  3. From the most "fun" feeling activities, pick one.
  4. Just pick one, and then do it. Say to yourself, "I can follow through on this tiny fun aspect of my business."
  5. Make it something you can see results from today.
  6. If you can’t do it today then it’s too big.
"If you're not excited about it, then it's not the right path."
– Abraham Hicks

Tip #4 - Don't let MONEY get in the way...

Instead of making money the #1 priority, make sure you're in business because it's a fun way to spend your time & creative energy.

Abraham has emphasized this in several recordings - money is the LAST reason you should create a business. Because for most people, the money subject usually has the most resistant beliefs around it, which will sabotage the business from its foundation.

You can see creators these days who love to make videos, share their craft, and express themselves who are being rewarded with immense abundance. Those who have the most fun are attracting the most abundance.

For example, Mr. Beast (one of the fastest-growing YouTubers with 164 million subscribers combined) always emphasizes that his success is because his singular goal is to make the best video possible. He doesn't care about the money unless it helps him make a better video.

"One who is connected to the Energy Stream is more powerful than a million who are not."
– Abraham Hicks

Tip #5 - Service Through Alignment

This Abraham Hicks YouTube clip absolutely blew me away. You have to understand that millions of people are ASKING for solutions to many things. When you get into alignment with the answering of those solutions, then you will become the beneficiary of the satisfaction of all those people. And dollars will be a huge part of that. Click here to listen to the YouTube clip.

Essential notes from this Abe Clip:

  • Your interaction with one another is the basis of economics.
  • The economy is about serving one another in some way. Exchange of value.
  • Do you believe you can be the beneficiary of the satisfaction of serving others?
  • It’s about the energy you are flowing outwards to others.
  • Once you acknowledge that your offering is of great benefit to others. Now your understanding of economics is in a whole new place.
  • You serve others by getting energy flowing. You serve others by tapping into the stream of infinite intelligence.
  • You serve others by tuning in, tapping into the frequency — the high power frequency of Source Energy.
  • You serve others by understanding the path of least resistance.
  • You serve others by being wobble-free.
  • You serve others by tapping into your own personal infinite prosperity, and the abundance of Infinite Intelligence.

About Tharyn

My name is Tharyn Taylor. I help Content Creators and Digital Entrepreneurs effectively use the Law of Attraction to live more joyfully, creatively, and abundantly.

Since 2007 I have studied the Law of Attraction, Meditation, Enlightenment, and how to be a happy being. I have lived all over the world and studied consciousness at the world's most advanced educational institutions, such as Mindvalley, Omega Institute, and Naropa University.

I have sat at the lotus feet of our world's greatest spiritual teachers, including Eckhart Tolle, Adyashanti, Byron Katie, Esther Hicks (Abraham), and Rupert Spira. My purpose is to have fun while sharing the Law of Attraction teachings.

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